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Donington Park – 30th May 2021 – 3 race reports

May 31, 2021Marcus Bicknell

CSCC Donington Derby Race Weekend – Donington Park National – 30th May 2021 – JMC Racing Special Saloons and Modsports on the same grid as Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s. Three 15-minute races in one day, reported by Marcus Bicknell from viewing the live video on YouTube and the TSL Timing sheets where you can see ALL THE RESULTS AND TIMES…

Photos, right. Andrew Knight, Matt Snowball and Stuart Entwhistle bring their V8 stock cars to the assembly area. Flash report – RACE 1 Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s won by #56 Matt HOLBEN in his TVR Tuscan 4500 (photo, left) – he was 4th overall. #54 Christopher Ridge (TVR Tuscan 6200) was 2nd (9th overall) in a gaggle with Mathew SMITH (TVR Chimaera), Clive LETHERBY (TVR Tuscan 4500) and Aaron MOYCE (TVR Tuscan 4500) . Cheng and Andy 6th, Robin Gray (Pontiac Trans AM) 7th, Andrew Knight (Pontiac Ascar) 8th, Matt Snowball (Plymouth Cuda 6685) 9th and Mark Bowd (Ford GT40 5800) 10th. Our other finishers were Stuart Entwhistle (Chevy Monte Carlo) and Travis Paterson in Derek Drinkwater’s newly-built Buick Regal 5700. Flash report – RACE 2

Like Race 1, the second race of the day had some stoppages. The first was after 5 minutes when Ian Hall in his Triumph TR7 V8 special (which was driven by Jim Seward in the first race) came off the track at Schwantz Curve and triggered a red flag after 3 laps. Matt Holben was a fraction slower than in race 1 and was knobbled by Joe Ward (Baby Bertha) and Rod Birley (BMW E36 slicks and wings); Matt won the Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s group but was 6th overall. The battling TVRs finished line astern again, Mat Smith (photo, right), Clive Letherby and Aaron Moyce. Robin Gray (Pontiac Trans AM) was 5th (14th overall) then a gaggle of our boys Matt Snowball, Stuart Entwhistle, Mark Bowd, Andy Lambert and Travis Paterson. Christopher Ridge and Andrew Knight were not among the 22 finishers. From what we could see on the live video transmission, there was good racing and a good time had by all. All the results at Flash report – RACE 3 Brilliant sunshine… summer is here at last, even if late. As last year at Donington the last laps of racing seem to spring the surprises. The Special Saloons & Modsports were throwing it all over the place, so Stuart Entwhistle, looking racey all day and on the pace at 1’26, did the gentlemanly thing and dropped his sublime Chevy Monte Carlo coming out of Redgate on lap 5. Up at the front, the popular and talented Clive Anderson in his yellow BMW E30 special could not make the impresison he had in Race 2 (finishing 2nd) and faded to 6th. Wayne Crabtree (Ford RS200, winner of races 1 and 2) left the track on the pits straight, got going again and then pitted definitively after 6 laps. The winner was Malcolm Harding in his Ford Escort Mk2 2600 slick’n’wings who had finished 3rd in Race 2. Joe Ward brought Baby Bertha in 2nd, Pantelis Christoforou (also Ford Escort Mk2 2600 slick’n’wings) 3rd and Rod Birley (678 race wins to the end of 2020, and counting) 4th. That put Matt Holben, winner of all three races in the Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s group today, into 5th on the road baheadc iof Clive Anderson and Martin Reynolds (who will SURELY be racing in the Bernie’s group more in the future…!). The next car in our group was Mat SMITH (TVR Chimaera) in company with Clive LETHERBY (TVR Tuscan 4500). Aaron MOYCE (TVR Tuscan 4500) was 4th, then a plethora of our cars; Christopher Ridge (TVR Tuscan 6200), Robin Gray (Pontiac Trans AM), Matt Snowball (Plymouth Cuda 6685), Andrew Knight (Pontiac Ascar) 8th again, Cheng Lim 9th and Mark Bowd (Ford GT40 5800)(photo right) 10th. Our last finisher was the inimitable Derek Drinkwater driving the newly-reconstructed Buick Regal 5700 (photo left) which rookie Travis Paterson had got going so quickly in races 1 and 2. Indeed Derek’s best lap was 1’31.960 to Travis’s 1’26.864 so we see a bright future for Travis. So did the commentators… the celebrated Marcus Pye said on air “Travis Paterson actually sounds like a NASCAR driver, so he MUST be good”. We enjoy racing with the CSCC and their fascinating specials; all good grist to the mill and we thank them. The commentators were very complimentary, nay, excited, by the great grid of cars. We can look forward to seeing them again on 24th Oct 2021 at the Silverstone GP: 25 min Quali and 40 min race with pit stops, one or two cars, guests of the CSCC for their tribute to Ricky Parker-Morris, the series chief and general good bloke, who died in January. All the results at

2021, Race Report

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